The methods of recruiting candidates are becoming harder as we have all found during recent years. With unemployment levels at their lowest for nearly half a century and constantly falling and with greater competition from employers, we have had to adjust our attraction and advertising methods across various platforms, often used alongside each other in order to reach as many people as possible. Some of our methods of attraction include the following:

Social Media: Over recent years with the development of Mobile internet, Social Media has become increasing important across all sectors and roles and here at TAG Recruitment we have taken this on board with our ever-evolving platforms using technology and social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter

Traditional media: Newspapers and Radio are used less and less as method of finding new employment since the introduction of handheld technology we shall always continue to advertise via these methods though in a much more targeted manner. We will also use other traditional methods such as leaflet dropping, advertising in local supermarkets, payslips and of course shop front and other recruitment hotspots identified by the teams.

Internet job boards: We use several job boards daily including but not exclusive to Total Jobs, Indeed & Universal Job Search.

Word of mouth: We can all agree that the top method of attracting candidates is through word of mouth and our people networks.

We engage with our current workforce daily to identify friends and family who would be suitable for any of the roles we are recruiting for at the time. Referrals will usually be based on first-hand knowledge of the positions we have available and these candidates already have a level of preparation for many of our clients because of this.

Identifying the local people networks such as EU community websites, social groups, churches and local events to target recruitment in areas where we believe there will be a pool of candidates to complement our work

These methods allow us to stay at the forefront of our industry and the local market.

We also ensure all our workers are represented and supported within their employment with TAG Recruitments whilst ensuring we are within all laws and regulations.

We have a friendly office location with regular staff surgeries allowing our workers to discuss any issues not only within the work environment but also personally where we can offer support, guidance and access to resources to maintain their overall welfare.

We feel that our temporary workforce is the heartbeat of our business and strive to ensure we can keep them safe and happy during their time in our employment.